Wholesale Orders at Gillian Valentine: 

If your shop or boutique is interested in our products, here is some information.

We do not have a minimum order for our first order. All products & pricing are subject to change based on the season. 

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Selling our Items:

Gillian Valentine products may not be sold or advertised on any website for less than the prices listed on our website. Products sold in stores must be sold at MSRP.

Discounts for sale under retail are only allowed if the stock remains post-season. Our products cannot be re-sold to other wholesalers for retail purposes & cannot be sold online or in-store to wholesale or discount outlets.

Private Label: 

All Items purchased from our store are under trademark protection & must display the Gillian Valentine name. 


All wholesale items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged. 

Damaged Items:

Please reach out to us within 10 business days of receiving your products if there is any issues. We will ry our best to resolve the problem in an efficient manner.  

If you have questions regarding our wholesale process & policies, please get in touch!