Gillian Valentine is a lifestyle brand featuring artist from around the world on home-goods and decor. Using organic cottons milled in Indiana, we offer a line of ready and made-to-order products featuring one of a kind art. Our products are made locally in Charlottesville and Gordonsville, VA. 

The evolution of Gillian Valentine has had many looks since its inception in 2014. Over the course of the last 3 years, in partnership with Sarah Klein, Jill and her company Gillian Valentine have built an emerging and respected home decor and design business. 

Our team is comprised of young professionals from our local high schools and the University of Virginia that make products, manage our marketing and take an active role in growing our customer base. We also have three seamstresses that create our one of a kind products. 

Our product materials are sourced and milled primarily in the United States and where we can use Organic Cottons. We also have a recycling program relationship with Goodwill International that uses our fabric scraps as insulation material.

The core of our business, Creativity, Collaboration and Sustainability are values that lead us as we grow.

Formerly Sarah Klein Santa Cruz
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