Gillian Valentine is an approachable lifestyle brand focusing on sleepwear and loungewear with a curation of home-goods, décor and apothecary. Signature Gillian Valentine pieces feature prints from artists spanning the globe. Our brand uses organic cotton made in the United States, milled in Indiana and produced locally in Charlottesville and Gordonsville, Virginia.

The team is composed of young professionals from The University of Virginia and local Virginia high schools who make products, manage the marketing, and take an active role in growing our valuable customer base. In addition, there is a team of seamstresses in Ohio and Texas that make our made in USA sleepwear.

The core values of the Gillian Valentine business are “Creativity, Community and Sustainability.”

  • Creativity:
    One-of-a-kind artwork and products are the heart of the business. Gillian Valentine strives to feature artists that bring a fresh and elevated perspective to its products

  • Community:
    Whether with its customers or team, Gillian Valentine believes community is the key to success through mentoring team members, paying a living wage or collaborating with local businesses

  • Sustainability:
    As stewards of the planet, Gillian Valentine is always seeking new ways to reduce waste and upcycle resources; small steps can lead to bigger changes