While April is Earth Month, we try to make everyday at Gillian Valentine environmentally friendly. We will never be 0% waste-free, but continue to incorporate eco-friendly products and practices to be part of the solution around global warming and climate change. 

We partner with Recover Brands, a NC based apparel company, that makes t-shirts from recycled plastic bottles - in an effort reduce plastic pollution. Their socially and environmentally-conscious business model aligns directly with our mission and their colorful T-Shirts are the perfect accompaniments to our PJ Pants and Shorts.

Additionally, one of our biggest challenges as a textile producer is what to do with our scrap material. We continue to turn large scrap pieces into scrunchies, burp cloths and washcloths, however, the smaller cuttings and salvage edges are unusable!

That's where Goodwill comes in - they accept scrap material donations that they recycle into housing insulation or new material. 

 We love knowing that our leftover fabric can be put to great use once it leaves our workroom - thank you Goodwill!