New! Alteration Services at GV! 

If we had a dollar for every time someone asked if we could offer alteration services beyond our GV bespoke products, I would be able to buy a small island 😊
Now, as we head into the final part of the year, our team is mobilized and trained to offer alteration services, at fair prices, for Pants, Dresses/Skirts, Suit Jackets and Shirts to our customers. We are starting this as a soft launch and will ramp up over the next few months.

Our focus is always quality first, however, we feel helping our customers save a few dollars for basic services adds up over time in your wallet!

Services Include:

- Machine Hem (Skirts, Dresses, Linings) $12
- Double Hem (Jeans): $17
- Blind Hem (Slacks, Trousers, Dress Pants): $14
- Cuffed Hem: $17
- Lined Hem: $20 

Add Pockets
– starting at $25

 Suits Jacket:
- Redo the lining of a suit jacket: starting at $55
- Sleeve Increase/Decrease at Shoulder: $40
- Sleeve Increase/Decrease at Cuff: $30
- Side Increase/Decrease: Starting at $30
- Hem Increase/Decrease: Starting at $35
- Elbow Patches: $17

Skirts & Dresses
- Hems: $22 - $25
- Take-In/Let Out Waist: Starting at $18
-Take In/Let Out Sides: Starting at $18
-Zipper: Starting at $18
-Repair Elastic: Starting at $18
-Hole Repair: Starting at $6 

- Button Holes: $5
-Darts: $10
-Straight or Curved Hem: $18
- Elbow Patches: $17
-Sew on Patch: Starting at $6

Please call us at 434-242-0950 or email us at