I have to give a shout-out to team member and best friend, Laurie Turner.She was the first friend I made when I moved to Charlottesville and has been with me since the inception of SKSC, now GV. She still remembers my first idea was to make high-end wallpaper. A great idea until the paper was so thick you would sprain your hand trying to fold it. 

Fast forward almost four years later and Laurie is our Queen of Pajama Cutting when she isn't in school. Here is some background on this amazing person...

Current Job: Second year of Nursing School and helping out at GV with cutting pajamas

Current Dog: Afton, a Great Dane

Funniest Moment at GV: Cutting a week's worth of Bee Pajamas upside down

Favorite Thing About Gordonsville: Small town Virginia feel and Laurie Holladay's daily visit to the store.

Favorite Spontaneous Moment: When Jill called up two-days before the 2019 Kentucky Oaks and insisted I drop everything and go with her

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